“Beneath your feet, where blood stains earth, a God is forged of the Arena.”

Gladiator: Rise Of Legends is an MMOSG in which you take up the mantle of a Gladiator in the days of the Roman Empire, fighting against other Gladiators, developing your character through dynamic training tasks (quests), and possibly joining a Ludus to enhance your strengths and to further your glory. GROL will be available for iPhone/IOS and Android devices upon release. GROL goes beyond traditional mobile MMO's of it's genre, offering indepth and dynamic training tasks (quests) that change with the choices you make (akin to choose-your-own-adventure style games, coming in 2017) and are tailored to the social class of your character; a more strategic combat system where the Fame of your Gladiator, along with more detailed stats, weaponry, and armour effect the outcome of your battles; and the Ludus School system, removing the mundane task of farming for other player's codes to increase your strength, instead allowing for your Gladiator to join under a Ludus, enhancing the characters strengths and allowing for a deeper level of social game play and ranking.


  • Massively Multiplayer Online "Gladiatorial" Strategy Game.
  • Select from four different and unique social classes. It's not just about a minor bonus anymore!
  • Battle other players live in Arena PVP and in single-elimination Free-For-All Arena events.
  • Issue wagers for other Gladiators to fight you in a duel, winner take all.
  • Enjoy the introduction of the Ludus system.
  • Ludus system allows for players to create and customize their own Ludi, the training grounds of the gladiators.
  • Beautiful art added with rich dialogue then entwined with a progressive plot creates an experience previously unknown to MMORPG's on mobile platforms.
  • Carry out dynamic Quests to gain special items and experience, allowing for different paths for your gladiator to follow depending on the choices you make!
  • Free updates containing new Quests, Items, Followers, dialogue, plot and much more!
  • Future expansions will introduce new systems, deepening the experience.
  • Unique Equipment system gives you options to equip most of your body from a selection of hundreds of different armor and weapon types.
  • True historical accuracy from the Golden age of the Romans penetrates every aspect.
  • Gain gold to purchase new Equipment by influencing members of the Roman populace into becoming your Followers.
  • Invite friends to join your Ludus and compete against opposing Ludi in Arena games and PVP rankings!
  • Weapons and armor have unique stats; the type you choose tailors your combat style both in how you attack and defend yourself.
  • The Dynamic Combat System eliminates the black and white of normality. Providing bonuses to your Traits and Weapon Stats, making combat not about having the biggest, baddest and most expensive, but requiring strategy and tactics instead.

"A sword is never a killer; it is a tool in a killer's hand"